This is a research study at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Study Title: Paternal residential exposure to unconventional oil and gas drilling (UOG)

Participants in the study will be mailed a study packet. They will collect a urine sample and semen sample and return it to us. They will use the YO Sperm Kit provided to test part of their semen sample. They will complete a questionnaire. We believe that participation will take about 2 hours to complete all pieces.

The amount of certain chemicals associated with oil and gas drilling will be measured in your urine along with male hormones. We will find out if living near drilling sites increases the amount of these chemicals in urine and if hormones are affected. We will also look at the quality of your semen and determine if it is related to how close you live to oil and gas drilling. Our storage methods will kill the sperm so they cannot be used for a pregnancy.

Participants who return the urine sample, semen sample and complete the questionnaire will be sent a $100 check, issued by the University of Missouri to compensate them for their time and inconvenience.

If you are interested in participating in our study, please answer the following questions to see if you are eligible for the study. If you are eligible to participate in the study, we will reach out to you using your preferred method of contact (email or by phone).

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL and JUNK FOLDER FOR OUR REPLY. If you opt to be called, we will identify ourselves as calling from the University of Missouri about a men's health study. 

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